ORganic Healing Kitchen

Woman Cooking in Kitchen

Hi Gorgeous, Are you sick and tired of trying to figure out where to find good food that makes you feel and look great? Food you can trust and doesn't cost an arm and a leg? Imagine making the most delicious healing food right in your own Kitchen, food your family will love! Join us for a culinary adventure that'll give you peace of mind, energy as well make the most of your beauty sleep. Save money and time and get healthy all at home!  

Organic cooking lessons for kids
Treat your child to a super fun class in cooking and caring for themselves.
Class Meets: 1 hour a week
Duration: 4 weeks
Content: Gathering supplies, basic cooking, safety, measuring, identifying ingredients, nutrition, self sufficiency

Making Soup

Become an Organic Gourmet 
Learn how to make delicious & nutritious soups and more! 
Class Meets: 1 hour a week
Duration: 5 weeks
Content: food prep, grocery shopping, cooking, nutrients, ingredients to avoid