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Woman Cooking in Kitchen

ORganic Healing Kitchen

Hi Neighbor! Are you ready to get serious about good food? Really good food? Sign up and learn simple tips that'll light up your kitchen skills and make you the envy of all your friends! 

Imagine making amazing meals your family and friends will crave!
And bonus, this is nutrient dense organic gourmet! 

Join us for a true culinary adventure. Save money and your precious time and learn how to provide real sustenance. 

HOW IT WORKS: Classes meet on line so you work from the comfort of your kitchen.

Most of our classes meet in Group format via Zoom, but we also offer also private classes. Please call us with any questions and 
find out if our classes meet your needs. 

Organic cooking lessons for kids
Treat your child to a super fun class in cooking and caring for themselves.
Class Meets: 1 hour a week
Duration: 5 weeks
Content: Gathering supplies, basic cooking, safety, measuring, identifying ingredients, nutrition, self sufficiency


Be a Holistic Gourmet 
Learn how to make delicious & nutritious soups and more! 
Class Meets: 1 hour a week
Duration: 5 weeks
Content: food prep, grocery shopping, cooking, nutrients, ingredients to avoid

After signing up, You'll receive a welcome video with your shopping list.  
Like Julia always said, A votre sante!

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